The coronavirus pandemic has turned people’s lives upside down, and change was inevitable. One such change was in active people’s lifestyle.

With gyms closed, enforced social distancing, and outdoor restrictions, people had difficulty staying physically active and mobile. During these uncertain and isolating times, people became prone to various physical and psychological sicknesses. Apart from preventing weight gain, exercise also boosts mental and spiritual health. Plus, it makes a person’s entire outlook on life a bit brighter in a darkened world.

On a good note, the pandemic has also led to the discovery of home workouts. The joy and convenience of it have met the requirements of the active lifestyle people previously had. Even people who haven’t been to a gym have coped with the home-workout trend. From yoga routines and live-streaming workout classes to indoor aerobic exercise and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, you can do everything anywhere at your home.

Fancy equipment is not a must-have to sweat out. Sometimes, all you need to have is a flat, hard surface, your body, and good workout shoes. We have listed here the best type of footwear for your home workouts.

The Best Shoes for Home Workout

Getting on nice activewear clothes is one of the happiest moments in the workout process. And the most necessary element in your ensemble is a good pair of footwear. 

Whether you are dance exercising in your living room, lifting weights in your backyard, walking in place, or participating in an at-home training program, your shoes will protect you, keep you in balance, and prevent you from injuries.

The best indoor workout shoes are comfortable, breathable, and supportive. They are light and will propel you in any direction and movement your workout takes you.

Lightweight Slip-On Sneakers

Wearing light sneakers means you are carrying a lesser weight. It would feel like you are not wearing shoes. A lightweight shoe is also less distracting, making it easier for you to focus on your breathing, formation, and goal.

A slip-on sneaker indicates easy wearing, which makes it perfect for an indoor workout session. If you only have spare time or just taking a quick break from your daily hustle, a quick workout prep can spare you a couple of minutes.

Check out Vionic, Brooks, Apex, and Oofos shoe brands. They offer lightweight slip-on sneakers perfect for home workouts. Their lace-less activewear shoe designs have twin-gore on both sides to keep hold of your feet and come with other more features that block slippage. Every pair has orthopedic-approved features as well as podiatrist-designed orthotics. From the footbeds to the soles, those shoes will keep you buoyant on your feet. You can wear this kind of footwear during a dance exercise, while running or walking on a treadmill, riding on a stationary bike, or during HIIT.

Traditional Lace-Ups

Lace-up sneakers are the classic training shoes and have been the go-to footwear for any workout kind, be it indoor or outdoor. What’s more, its lacey characteristic can make you creative and lace up your sneaker in whatever style you fancy.

Many workout shoes of this kind provide the comfort and protection you need during your exercise. This footwear is usually considered multipurpose. They can be worn for elliptical bikes, lifting weights, or any multiple activities.

A good pair of lace-up sneakers have arch-support technology, good cushioning, and stability. Look also for materials that provide extra comfort. Breathable mesh uppers and foam indicates a breathable shoe, and durable rubber outsoles mean excellent workout shoe.

Vionic, Waldlaufer, Xelero, and Drew all carry these types of shoes. They are best suitable for a wide range of workouts. Plus, a lace-up training shoe gives off a sporty vibe that can enhance your mood and set you on the character.


Cross-training is a training routine that involves various kinds of exercise. Examples are aerobic, anaerobic exercises, and gym workouts. Hence, cross-training shoes are fit for those mentioned workouts.

Cross-training shoes are a hybrid of different athletic shoes. It could have the cushioning of running shoes and toe support of tennis footwear. Cross-training shoes are more flexible than other active footwear as the shoemakers designed them for a broader range of motion. It supports all-around movement, from jumping and skipping to shuffling to burpees and mountain climbers. It is ideal for activities involving shifts from the floor to a standing position. This athletic shoe type is best when doing home workouts comprising a mat, gym equipment, or working out with a trainer through a video call.

Talk with a Fritzy Feet staff now to accommodate you with your cross-training shoe needs.

Bungee-Lace Shoes

These no-tie shoelaces are super cool and convenient. You can tighten the lace with a simple tug and click of a button. With elastic, cord-style laces over comfortable and breathable uppers, this shoe is perfect for home workouts. Your favorite brands of training shoes or lightweight sneakers often have designs with bungee lace. They could have the same orthopedic features but only differs with shoelace or aesthetics.

A few brands worth mentioning are Vionic, Drew, Dansko, Xelero, Apex, and Olukai. These shoes promote better mobility and gait, making them great for cardio, HIIT, cycling, or treadmill workouts.

Mary Jane Trainers

Another cute style of workout shoes is the Mary Jane sneakers.  Mary Jane sneakers come with a large toe box and an adjustable strap over the forefoot and velcro closure. These shoes are effortless to wear and kick off.

Shoe brands such as Rock Spring, In Stride, Dromedaris, Brooks, Drew, and Vionic offer Mary Jane shoes.

The materials used for Mary Jane trainers should be soft material, have removable footbeds, and supportive outsoles. With these sporty-chic women’s workout shoes, you can easily insert orthotics for the extra care you need. From pilates to Zumba, the right Mary Jane sneakers can up your workout sesh.

Sock-Fit Sneakers

As the name implies, sock-fit sneakers have soft knit uppers that fit perfectly into the shape of your feet like a pair of socks. Imagine wearing socks but with low heels and soft, cushioned footbeds. Sock-fit sneakers usually have lace-up closure. These kinds of sneakers are ultra-breathable, lightweight, and have traditional rubber outsoles for slip resistance.

The sock sneakers from Vionic and Brooks are lightweight, have removable footbeds with deep heel cups, cozy contouring, and outstanding cushioning. With shock-absorbent outsoles, this sneaker style is ideal for indoor cross-training, weightlifting, aerobics, and other at-home exercises.


If you prefer burning calories through walking in place, on a treadmill, or roaming around your neighborhood, invest in a good pair of walking shoes. The right pair of walking shoes support your every stride and propel you in stepping forward. It helps in maintaining your gait and proper posture. The difference between walking and running sneakers is that walking shoes are a bit heavier and have a roomy toe box to support a repeated heel-to-toe step.

Vionic and Propet design and produce some of the best walking shoes on the market. Their orthotic features guarantee significant stability and motion control, thus improving mobility, and easing foot, heel, and lower backache.  Vionic and Propet ensure comfort and style with different options of traditional lace or hook-and-loop closure.

Before-and-After Slides

There are workouts that sometimes we prefer to feel the hard surface beneath our foot soles and not wear active footwear. In this case, we recommend slide sandals from Vionic, Olukai, Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, and Hallux for wearing anywhere at home before or after your burn. Their slides with padded uppers, adjustable closure, biomechanically designed footbeds, and durable outsoles are perfect for conditioning before the workout, and relieving sore feet after exercise.

Where to Buy the Best Orthotic Home Workout Shoes

Uncomfortable footwear should never hinder you from moving and doing whatever you want and whatever your workout program requires from you.

Fritzy Feet offers a spectrum of sneakers that aims to keep you going and support your healthy lifestyle even in the comfort of your home. We offer comfortable, stable, and orthotic active shoes for both men and women. You can find the best orthotic workout footwear from Vionic, Xelero, Drew, Dansko, and Brooks to Propet, Olukai, and Finn Comfort at Fritzy Feet.

Whether you burn calories by walking, running, yoga, HIT, elliptical training, or aerobics, you can find the best-suited sneakers for you at Fritzy Feet, with the help of our knowledgeable staff.

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