The Importance of Orthotics

Everyone on earth has a unique footprint, and an orthotic is what allows your foot to rest
comfortably within your shoe. Most shoes come with a removable liner, which typically has a
rather short shelf life. Most separate orthotics will not only last longer but if fitted properly, will
help to improve your stride, posture and reduce pain in the feet.

Orthotics can be used to treat a number of foot-related issues such as arch pain, plantar fasciitis,
toe pain, pronation, supination, and many more. That’s why it is important to know what orthotic
is right for you.

When finding an orthotic, it is important to place your foot on top and check the arch. The arch
of the orthotic should be flush with the arch of your foot. If there is a gap between your foot and
the orthotic, then it won’t offer enough support. Take note of what pains you may be
experiencing so that you can understand what you are trying to correct.

Now the best solution to finding the right orthotic for you is to create it! Custom orthotics are
the best thing you can do for your feet because they are built specifically for your feet. Every
foot is unique, which is why over the counter orthotics simply don’t work for everyone. Here at
Fritzy Feet, we can build custom orthotics that match every last detail of your foot, so that you
can finally walk comfortably and without pain. So stop on in today so that we can help find the
perfect orthotic for you, and have your feet feel, the right way.

Healthier feet are just a phone call away.

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