Summer is approaching, so it’s time to pack away those furry, bulky boots, and start thinking of sandals to add to your shoe closet. But no one wants to spend on footwear that isn’t worth it. That said, you should consider many things, like style, aesthetics, quality, and comfort, in choosing the right pair of sandals. Unfortunately, not all brands feature these factors, which makes choosing a good pair much harder and time-consuming. This article can be your guide in picking the right pair of sandals for you, according to the style and comfort you’re looking for.

The Reason Your Current Sandals Are So Uncomfortable

Manufacturers mainly design shoes for the protection of the feet. Still, some designers do not take into consideration the anthropometric measurements and ergonomic features in the design process of the footwear, making your feet hurt in the long run. If that’s the case, the main purpose of the shoe is not met.

But orthotic sandals consider these things and even include orthotic accessories such as padded insoles, cushioned footbed, seamless linings, padded interiors. Orthotic pairs are also made with durable and breathable materials. Your current sandals may also be uncomfortable because of the shoe’s dimensions. Its length, width, or height may not be your fit. For people with sensitive feet and conditions like diabetes, plantar fasciitis, or arthritis, these extra features are essential. The right sandal should feel like you are not even wearing shoes on your feet.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Orthopedic Sandals

Here are six things that you should not overlook when selecting orthopedic sandals. These features will make the difference.

1. Footbed type. The best orthopedic sandals should have built-in orthotic insoles that follow the arch of your foot. Most shoe manufacturers add flat or super thin insoles that experts don’t even consider as an insole. Orthotic insoles help in alleviating pain. Therefore, a proper orthopedic sandal should have those for additional support and help.

2. Break-in period. Most of the time, your feet don’t feel comfortable for a while when wearing brand new shoes. This time is called the break-in period. During this period, some shoes are uncomfortable and might even give you blisters, and after a few times of wearing, you can finally sense the comfort. However, orthopedic shoes shouldn’t have a break-in period. Your first wearing should feel like you’ve been wearing for a long time.

3. Sandal width. Most brands don’t offer different size widths. Some shoes may fit you according to their length but not their width, causing discomfort and pain after you wear them a couple of times. One solution to this is getting measured at a full-service orthotic shoe store like Fritzy Feet. A few orthotic shoe stores also offer sizing charts that include specific fit information for particular footwear. This way, you can dispose of those bulky, narrow shoes that don’t fit you well.

4. Adjustability features. According to a study, feet size changes over time because of various reasons, such as earth’s gravity, old age, and illness. They say that feet become bigger in the evening, so having adjustable features on your shoes is one step closer to comfort all day round. These flexible features come in the form of shoelaces, straps, and elastic cords, and more. The more adjustable your shoes are, the more your feet will thank you.

5. Are you opting for closed-toe or open-toe type of sandals? Whichever you pick is fine. However, closed-toe sandals are the best option for those that need additional protection for their feet and those doing strenuous, adventurous outdoor activities. In contrast, open-toe sandals are for those that fancy breathable comfort shoes, which are especially handy during hot summer months.

6. Water and slip resistance. When buying sandals, you might already have in mind a purpose for it. Are you buying sandals for your everyday stroll in the city? Or is it for your next trip? You might want to consider these features according to the purpose or activity that you will be doing. These characteristics will give you extra security and likely as significant as other features.

Our Pick Of The Best Brands Of Orthopedic Sandals

To help you narrow down your choices in selecting sandals, we have listed some of the leading brands of comfortable sandals. Not only are they in style, but most importantly, they will protect your feet from pain, foot problems, back pain, and any other conditions that you might incur after heavy outdoor activities.


Birkenstock is one of the best orthotic slide sandals in the market. The soft suede footbed, soft fleece strap, deep heel cup, arch support, raised toe bar, and plenty of toe room are the features that sum up Birkenstock, making it an excellent choice for orthotic sandals. This brand is all about comfort that doesn’t disregard style.


You can never go wrong with any Vionic sandals, especially because a podiatrist created this brand. You can be sure that the foot’s biomechanics are studied and incorporated in their designs. Vionic is best in shock absorption and arch support that lessens the pressure on feet, ankles, and knees, plus the soft materials are protective. Plenty of testimonials can prove it.


Naot sandals are lightweight and include detailed features on their footbed. Their comfort footbed is created and manufactured with high-quality cork and latex that grants shock absorption, flexibility, and durability features.
Its additional curves provide hallux and arch support that help the body maintain its balance, making it best for long walks. Another layer of latex sponge padding that provides caressing and softness is present in all of their designs. As their simple notion says, one is most beautiful when one is comfortable. Naot would undoubtedly exceed your expectations.


People with specific feet conditions like plantar fasciitis and bone spurs rave about this brand. Why not? The technology they used absorbs much impact, reducing stress on the feet and joints that most people with feet conditions find comfortable.

After a long, tiring day for your feet, massage your tired toes with the foam footbed of Oofos orthotic sandals while walking. It is also a great beach sandal due to its water-resistant feature and durability.


Foot experts do not suggest wearing flip-flops daily as shoemakers do not design slippers for that purpose. While they can be worn to the beach, pool, and shower, some people still wear flip-flops wherever they want to. One flip-flop brand that orthopedics recommends is OluKai. This brand manufactures flip-flops with footbeds that contour your feet, supporting the arch and heel, which reduces the work required for your toes and feet.


Dansko offers platform sandals that are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. If you need heels that won’t hurt your feet, opt for Dansko. Their stylish heels have shock-absorbing foam on the sole, which provides ease at every step you take, making you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Rock on to your office and enjoy the night out with Dansko, and your calves and arches will thank you as pain won’t find you.

If you are finding a good pair of sandals, check out Fritzy Feet. Head over to our website now, and see a wide range of comfortable, stylish sandals. We also offer the leading brands of orthopedic sandals. From Birkenstock to Dansko, you can find it all here at Fritzy Feet. If you are around Denver, visit our store at 2243 S Monaco Parkway, Suite 110, Denver Colorado, our courteous staff can help you find the pair of sandals that fits you well even with specific foot problems. You can give us a call at 303-343-444 or message us at We would love to hear from you!

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