Foot problems limit the choices for a good pair of shoes. You just can’t pick out anything off the rack, since your shoes can either help you or break you. This is especially true if you have medical foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, or flat feet. When you suffer from these foot issues, your shoes can either give you comfort or aggravate your foot pain. 

Accordingly, you must pick a well-designed shoe that provides the additional care, comfort, and support needed for your specific foot condition. It is also vital that you know what you are looking for, such as what type of shoe, what features the shoe should possess, and what additional orthopedic features it should come with. 

In general, the right pair of shoes should protect your feet and naturally support your feet, knees, and back as you walk and run around. The best shoes vary for everyone, especially if you are experiencing a medical foot condition. Let this article be a guide in choosing the right shoe for your special feet.


Plantar Fasciitis means heel pain, so it’s essential to wear a supportive, cushioning shoe that helps you reduce the ache. When shopping for a good pair of shoes, you must look for these four factors: great arch support, flexible insole, deep heel cups, and shock absorption. 

The arch support will help you keep in balance and evenly distribute your weight from heel to toe, also limiting under-pronation or over-pronation. Look for a shoe that has a removable footbed so that you can change your insole to a customized orthotics when recommended.  

Of course, you need all the support you can get for your heel, and deep heel cups provide additional cushioning and padding. Lastly, choose shoes that have thick rubber outsoles because they are good with absorbing shock, which will minimize the pressure on your feet and knees.

You can find all of these features on footwear brands such as Aetrex, Dansko, OluKai, Hoka, Brooks, and Vionic. These brands offer slippers, sandals, and activewear shoes that provide incredible and maximum support.


If you have bunions, you don’t want to wear shoes that irritate and constantly scratch that area. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also lead to other foot problems like blisters and arthritis. Your feet can find comfort in shoes that have a wide toe box. To prevent your big toe joint from inflammation, choose a shoe that provides an ample amount of space for your toes. 

Choose a pair with materials like soft fabric or soft leather, so that when it makes contact with your feet, it won’t irritate your bunion. Restrain from using pointed-toe shoes that would squeeze your toes and worsen your condition. Birkenstock, Brooks, Vionic, Propet, Drew, and Dunham are great brands to pick from. They have designs that have a wide and deep toe box, and other orthopedic facets. Plus, these are made of quality materials.


People who have diabetes are prescribed to wear proper footwear and diabetic foot care accessories as part of their treatment. Wearing the right footwear can help in preventing any further diabetic neuropathy issues that can cause foot pain and numbness. 

When left untreated, diabetic neuropathy issues may lead to severe complications and amputation. So, wearing footwear that is diabetic-friendly is as important as maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Diabetic shoes should provide a full covering for the feet to prevent cuts and injuries that might turn to infection. 

The shoes should also have a wide toe box so when swelling occurs, there is a wide room for the feet. Extra cushioning is also good in protecting the nerves of the feet, and for additional relief. Six of the best brands of diabetic shoes are Dr. Comfort, Brooks, Propet, Dunham, Vionic, and Drew. These shoe brands designed their footwear to be well-cushioned, roomy, and protective.


Not everyone with flat feet experiences pain. But for some, the condition can cause painful swelling that may lead to other foot conditions. Since the feet are not in their natural shape, the pressure is shifted throughout the feet while walking, causing intense pain. 

The feet are forced to work in a way that the feet are not shaped into, which strains the muscles and joints. When the wrong shoe is worn, the pain might even be felt on the knee and hip joints. It is therefore vital to wear the right footwear that enhances the feet’s form. Therefore, the shoes should have excellent arch support and cup the heel perfectly. 

This would help in supporting the balance, and works the feet in a natural way that lessens the pressure. A flexible middle part of the shoes would also help. A good amount of toe room is also suggested so it will be convenient to add more insoles for cushioning and improvement of the arch when it is prescribed. The brands that have it all are Propet, Vionic, Drew, Dunham, Dansko, Brooks, and Birkenstock. They have great arch support, stability, and cushioning. Get one of their styles either for running, walking, or sandals, and prevent yourself from feeling the ache and pain.


Hammertoes are deformities of the toes. Usually, the second or third toe curls downward and bends. People who have this condition need special shoes, one that will reduce the curling of the toes, and prevent it in the future. Footwear brands such as Aetrex, Brooks, Dr. Comfort, Propet, Vionic, Drew, Dansko, Dunham, and Apex offer footwear designed for people with hammertoes. 

They provide ample toe room so the toes could relax in a natural position, arch support for extra cushioning, and heel cups to lessen the stress on the toes. The fabric used in the upper part of the shoe is also essential to consider. Soft and flexible materials can help in easing the pain and won’t irritate the feet. Furthermore, toe caps and gel toe separators are good orthotic inserts. They are effective in relieving pain and discomfort. 


There are several types of arthritis and the manifestation of it is different from one person to another. But if someone experiencing arthritic pain in the back, hips, knees, ankles, or feet, doesn’t wear the right shoe, the pain would surely aggravate, and the condition will eventually worsen. In contrast, the right shoes would alleviate the pain. A shoe that offers lots of support, like arch support, stable heel counter, heel cups, and shock-absorption feature, is key. 

All of these can help in making the gait cycle look good and ensure that each step you take is as comfortable as possible. Getting the footwear that provides maximum support for it will ease the pain and prevent sore feet. Vionic, Propet, Drew, Dunham, and Dansko are great shoe brands that offer tons of support and comfort. Don’t forget to get the right size for both length and width. 


Metatarsalgia is a pain in the ball of the feet, the area right before the toes, or the metatarsal region of the feet. It is a painful condition due to the imbalance of the long bones of the feet that causes inflammation. Walking, standing, or running can exacerbate the condition and interrupt your daily activities. 

So, to prevent this from happening, make sure to wear the proper footwear that reduces the pain and does not hinder you from doing any activity. The most important features to look for in a shoe are cushioning and extra support, particularly on the arch. The cushioning would prevent pressure and absorb impact, as well as provide extra support on the arch of the feet. So, the main point is to use shoes that lessen the force and stress on your feet particularly on the foot’s ball. 

A roomy toe box and a durable outsole would also be beneficial. Footwear brands such as Vionic, Propet, Drew, Brooks, Dansko, and Dr. Comfort are good brands to start your search for a nice, comfortable shoe. They have designed their footwear with quality and comfort as their top priority.

Foot problems can be such a nuisance. Be it mild or severe, discomfort is its shadow.  But wearing the right footwear is one of the best solutions. Not only can it ease your foot condition, but it can also prevent your feet from possible ailments. At Fritzy Feet, we can provide you with the solution and help you with your foot pain. We can provide you doctor-recommended orthotics and footwear. Check out our website and see what we offer. We have all the brands recommended for any kinds of foot problems. Visit our physical store at 2243 S Monaco Parkway, Suite 110, Denver, Colorado, and consult our staff about your inquiries. For further information, feel free to call us at 303-343-4444. Take a step of comfort and relief with us today!

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