Nurses spend most of their day on their feet, walking around, running alongside a gurney, lifting heavy objects, and standing for hours in the ER or operating room. Because of the nature of their profession, their lower extremities are often under a lot of stress, and consistently wearing unsupportive shoes could lead to joint pain, achy arches, and other discomforts. Fortunately, nurses and other people whose jobs require them to be on their feet all day have a wide range of footwear options to choose from.

How To Choose The Best Nursing Shoes

If you know what features you need in a shoe, it will be easier to choose the best shoes for your profession. Here are things to consider when choosing the best nursing shoes.

Comfort Over Style

Nurses spend countless hours on their feet every day, which can lead to foot fatigue and discomfort when moving around. So, when choosing the best nursing shoes, you should always choose comfort over aesthetics. Never sacrifice comfort for style. Thankfully, several orthopedic shoe brands offer nursing shoes that are both comfortable and stylish.

A comfortable nursing shoe has a significant effect on your overall comfort and well-being. So, before you buy a new pair of shoes, make sure that you know your foot type and identify any foot ailments you may have. You may also consider having a professional measure your feet to ensure that you choose the shoes that compliment your foot type so that you can walk and work comfortably throughout the day.

Adequate Support

The best nursing shoes must have a comfortable footbed, sturdy midsole, and adequate arch support so it’s safe to wear and adequately supports your entire feet. These features can also ensure that the entire shoe has sufficient stability to provide you comfort throughout the day, especially when you walk and lift heavy objects.

Other crucial factors to consider to maximize support and prevent injuries include the thickness, strength, flexibility, and material of the shoe’s midsoles. Opt for a nursing shoe that supports the arch, heel, and toe area to lessen the risk of any injury when you move around and lift objects.

Slip-Resistant Outsole

The best nursing shoes should come with a slip-resistant outsole. Primary health care centers like hospitals have hazardous slick surfaces where you can slip and fall. Therefore, the ideal nursing shoes must have good anti-slip protection to lessen the risk of injuries, as well as improve overall stability. Make sure that the midsole and outsole offer comfort and flexibility, but are still sturdy and stable. Nursing shoes that are poorly designed can be uncomfortable and increase your chances of injuries and accidents.

Complete Foot Protection

In some healthcare settings, there’s a risk of heavy machinery or objects rolling over or landing on your feet. If you work in this setting, make sure to wear shoes that adequately protect your feet against these hazards.

Match your Scrub Uniforms

The best nursing shoe style should be work-appropriate and comfortable but still fashion-friendly. Some healthcare centers may have specific work shoe guidelines that you need to follow. The guideline may require you to wear nursing shoes that have a specific design, color, and/or material. Some healthcare facilities, for example, require closed-toe shoes with fully covered heels for nurses who work in the emergency department.

When choosing which nursing shoes to buy, also consider your wardrobe and scrub uniforms. Choose nursing shoes with an external design that matches your uniform’s appearance. Following specific work clothing guidelines doesn’t mean you have to give up fashion and style.

Reliable Warranty

Buying nursing shoes with a great warranty allows you to replace your shoes if they don’t perform as expected. A reliable warranty is especially significant if your shoes are crucial to your comfort and health while you work. It would be highly beneficial if you choose a brand that you like and trust, like the ones we will be discussing later. These shoe brands are known for offering a wide range of high-quality shoes that are fashionable and comfortable.

Optimal Comfort and Support

If you’re someone who works in various environments, consider investing in a separate pair of nursing shoes to ensure that you get the best comfort and support. In low-hazard environments, wearing lightweight, breathable tennis can provide excellent comfort.

In areas that are prone to hazards, you can switch to protective clogs for protection. Investing in two pairs of nursing shoes can allow you to remain comfortable when performing light work, and adequately protected in high-risk areas.

Benefits Outweigh the Cost

The best nursing shoes should be able to provide you many years of comfort, supports, and protection. Because of your daily workload, choosing the right nursing shoes is a crucial decision.

Before investing in a pair, evaluate whether the benefits it offers outweigh its cost. If the shoe offers the kind of support, comfort, and protection you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to pay extra for the added benefits as it will be advantageous to you over time. Don’t buy nursing shoes just because they look fashionable. Your feet work hard all day, so don’t risk your feet’ health and comfort.

When you buy low-quality shoes, you may need to replace them frequently, which will cost you more money over time. High-quality nursing shoes will last a long time before needing replacement.

The Best Shoe Brands For Nurses


Dansko’s clogs are the most popular footwear among nurses and other healthcare workers. Dansko’s lightweight EVA midsole helps minimize foot fatigue and maximize shock absorption, which perfectly supports the feet of people who stand all day.

The clog’s interior features a soft lining that provides a cozy fit. It also comes with a high-quality dual-density footbed that can accommodate any foot shape. The footbed can also be replaced if you need an alternative orthotic.

Dansko’s clog is one of the best orthopedic shoes for nurses. It has a beautiful leather upper, memory foam footbed, and roomy toe box that improves wiggle room and increases foot protection. It has a polyurethane PU slip-resistant outsole that provides better traction, and an anti-fatigue rocker bottom that improves stability and protection. Dansko’s clog comes in a variety of colors that can match most medical uniforms.


Alegria nursing shoes are specifically designed to provide all-day comfort and support to healthcare professionals. It features a honeycombed bed to reduce the shoe weight while increasing durability. Alegria nursing shoes have a fashionable leather upper with double elastic goring that provides comfort and support mobility.

The upper comes in a wide range of styles that look great with various nursing uniforms. The removable insert uses soft polyurethane combined with cork to cushion your feet and provide arch support.

These shoes also feature a memory foam that contours to your foot. The slip-resistant outsoles have elevated heels that support movement and provide amazing grip on slick surfaces. Alegria nursing shoes is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


Vionic offers a classic walking shoe that comes with numerous features that work perfectly for busy nurses. The shoe’s upper is comprised of 100% leather that is highly durable and protective against work hazards. It comes in various colors to suit different styles.

Vionic’s walking shoe uses a removable EVA midsole that employs the Advanced Motion System (AMS) technology to provide adequate support for the wearer, and features and podiatrist-designed Orthaheel insert to support the arch of the foot. A durable runner compound with pods of various shapes, sizes, and texture protects the bottom of the shoe and provides traction where it is most needed. The upper is comprised of premium full-grain breathable leather that’s also water-resistant to keep the foot dry in wet environments. Vionic classic walking shoe has been awarded the seal of acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


Naturalizer’s super-comfy slip-on sneakers are designed for people who are on their feet throughout the day. It features the brand’s signature N5 Contour technology that uses a contoured memory foam footbed to support your arch and heel so you can walk all day without getting sore feet. It has a breathable, quick-drying lining that keeps your feet cool and dry. The upper is made of good quality leather.


Hoka’s running shoes, particularly the Women’s Clifton Running Shoes, are popular among the nursing community. The upper, which offers outstanding coverage across the top of the foot, features reinforced embroidered layers to make the shoe lighter while also providing extra support to your midfoot.

The EVA foam midsole offers excellent cushioning and impact protection, while the interior is lined with plush cushioning and a padded insole to protect the bottom of your feet. The footwear’s outsole features high-abrasion rubber that provides better stability and traction in any kind of environment, including hazardous ones.

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