To say that women love shoes is an understatement. Even from a young age to late adulthood, having a new pair of shoes is such a mood-booster for women, and science is to blame. All the dress-up and the experimentation of different outfits give women excitement and confidence. This is due to the increase of dopamine in charge of the body’s feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. Women love shoes, but women love them more when they are comfortable and won’t hurt their feet even when worn all day.

Shoemakers design orthopedic shoes to support the foot, leg, and body when in motion, so it’s at its most comfortable position while still maintaining proper posture. This type of shoe is not only for individuals with foot conditions, but for anyone who prefers comfy footwear. 

Typically, when people hear orthopedic shoes, the picture that first comes to mind is ugly, bulky shoes or unattractive clogs that are far from stylish. However, be grateful that you are born in this era where orthopedic shoe designers are more inclined towards the fashion factor, where various foot technologies are evolving, and insoles are available on the market. You can now get your pair of orthopedic shoes in different styles, designs, so get ready to mix and match them with your wardrobe.


Vionic is one of the most trusted shoe brands of podiatrists. It is an ace as an orthopedic brand, but it is also competitive when it comes to style. Vionic offers a lot of shoe styles – from lace-up sneakers and slip-ons to sandals and heels. These are our top picks of their stylish orthopedic shoes.

Vionic Lace-up Sneakers

Sneakers are cute and comfy. There are tons of huge brands that make a lot of good sneaks that go well with anyone. Whether you wear them casually or for your workout session, Vionic is our top pick of orthopedic sneaker brands.

Their stylish mesh lace-up sneakers hug every curve of your feet. Since it is made of mesh, it is breathable and light, ideal for intense sport or walking around the city. Vionic designs their lace-up sneakers biomechanically, meaning a snug fit from heel cups to the toe box to the uppers. This can protect your feet and advance the healing process for those that are just recovering from their foot condition.

Vionic Flats

While flats are not that good for plenty of hours walking, Vionic is comfortable nevertheless. Vionic ballet flats have arch support technology and removable Orthaheel insoles that promote the feet’s natural alignment. Its diamond quilting and patent toe design reflect a cute, modern style look. Plus, you can choose their ballet flats in medium or wide fit, ensuring more comfortable wear.

Vionic Ankle Boot

Boots are stylish and great during fall and winter. This Vionic ankle boot is a friend for those that have a foot condition. It has a low heel, roomy toe box, a removable orthotic insole that has arch support, and Orthaheel technology. The tasseled zip-up closure makes it easy to wear, and dainty-looking. It’s a fashion statement, comfortable, and highly recommended.

Vionic Heel Pumps

High heels and orthotics may seem like they don’t go together. But shoe designers are becoming more brilliant in making comfortable high heels. The Vionic 2-inch pointy toe heels are just right on the boundary of a comfy shoe. It may not be a skyscraper, but the added height will do you good. The podiatrist-designed footbed has the power to make you wear them for the entire day without feeling pain and discomfort.


Wear Dansko for casual comfort all day in any weather. The high-quality materials and supportive soles are designed for maximum comfort.

Dansko Slip-on Sneakers

No lace, no zipper. Slide your feet in, and you are set to go. Dansko has the design of a slip-on sneaker, and you can pick from their wide range of modern prints and colors. Their orthopedic structure includes arch support, moisture resistance, and linings for odor control. 

Dansko Slip-on footwear is podiatrist-recommended for women with high arches and narrow heels. It can adequately support your heel-to-toe movement and keep your balance in place. Their footwear doesn’t need a break-in period, so you can wear it all day immediately after buying it. 

Dansko Sandals

Sometimes an ordinary flip-flop can be more harmful. It does not give you the full support and protection, especially when you are experiencing a foot illness. So, when you need more sturdy, protective sandals, try a pair of Dansko sandals. 

Their sandals will make people think that you are not suffering pain or foot condition because of how pretty your footwear looks. One of the most common reviews about their sandals is that they are outrageously comfortable. We owe it to the cork midsole and memory foam footbed with arch support.

Dansko Marie Bootie

As long as the boots have a spacious toe box, low heels, and orthotic features, they would excellently support your feet. Dansko being Dansko, this boot requires no break-in time, so you can wear it right out of the box for the whole day. This cute leather bootie is a great addition to your fall wardrobe collection. The clog-style heel is low, and the zipper and panel on the sides make it easy to slip on.


Propet sells the most comfortable footwear in the orthopedic industry at an affordable price. Steal one of this stylish footwear from Propet.


Propet Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on shoes are perfect for easy wearing and for those that have a foot condition that has difficulty wearing a tight-fitting shoe. Propet is one of the best orthopedic walking shoes. Their Slip-on sneakers are full-packed with foot technology support. 

They used rubber and ethylene-vinyl acetate for the outsole and midsole, making the shoes soft and flexible for every stride. Propet Slip-on Sneakers are bestselling for their great arch support that even people with plantar fasciitis won’t get out of it. You will experience no blisters, no foot cramps, and no swollen feet. Plus, the sneakers come in different colors.

Propet Joelle Slide Sandal

Propet Joelle sandals have two adjustable leather strap closures that come in various designs and colors. Their available styles are easy to pair with and can instantly up your outfit. The sandals have a soft-cushioned, detachable insole, so you can customize it if you have a foot condition. The cork-style wedge outsole promotes durability, and its aesthetics make it perfect for summer.


Aetrex cares about your comfort from foot pain. They design these gorgeous shoes to help support your body and relieve the stress on your feet, ankle, legs, and back.

Aetrex Platform Wedge

For a formal occasion that requires a more elegant look, check out these wedges from Aetrex. Instilled with the Aetrex Orthotic features, the Aetrex platform wedge can support your feet. The arch support and soft footbed both contribute to the comfort and ease of walking in heels.

Aetrex Sandal

Its strappy design makes Aetrex sandals fit for this list. It exhibits a luxe, elegant look with a velcro closure on the toe strap and ankle strap. The adjustable feature is a plus to orthopedic shoes and other ergonomic stuff since it can be modified to shape your feet’s curves. Aetrex’s orthotic system includes arch support, slip resistance, and memory foam footbed for that cloud-like step. They designed this footwear with stability and comfort in mind.

Naot Wedge Sandals

Naot offers a three-strap wedge sandal that is stylish, gorgeous, and orthopedic. It also comes in many colors. The suede footbed has excellent arch support that adapts to the shape of your feet’ sole, and its straps are adjustable so it can hug your upper foot arch properly for it to stay in contact with your feet. It also has back straps for additional support. Though you are wearing heels, it won’t feel like it even after a long day at the park.


It’s not just recently that people recognized Birkenstock as comfortable, stylish, and chic. Birkenstock has always been recommended by podiatrists long before its popularity in the fashion sector. Its cork footbed with arch support from your toe’s base to your heel, and the EVA outsole provides complete protection for your feet for every kind of surface. 

Birkenstock Arizona also features a dual adjustable buckle strap that perfectly fits and wraps your feet. This comfortable sandal’s constant presence in the global market says how satisfied the consumers are.

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