Top Tips For Keeping Your Feet Healthy

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No matter what the size, the feet seem to be the farthest and smallest part of the body. It also is often the most neglected body part for most people compared to the hair, nails, and face. Foot health is as necessary as the health of your vital organs. In any way, it affects your overall health.

Why Foot Health Is Important

Your feet carry you throughout the day. You cram them into your shoes, stand in them for too long, and walk in them about 2.5 miles a day. They take you to places, letting you experience the world and everything it could offer. There are so many things your feet do for you. They could be the most hardworking part of your body. Therefore, they also deserve some TLC.

One-fourth of the body’s bones are in the feet. Each of your feet has twenty-six bones, 30 joints, and 100 plus muscles, tendons, and ligaments. All these bones and muscles work together to support your body weight. Hence, doctors call them marvels of the body.

That’s how much your feet affect your overall body. Your foot is connected to different organs of your body like the heart, liver, and kidney. In reflexology, a pain felt on your foot is considered a symptom of a bigger complication.

Imagine your life without feet. Your mobility will be very much restricted. When you have feet pain, every step is painful, and you cannot maximize what you could do at that definite time. A painful foot can be debilitating. And a loss of mobility can also influence your psychological health as your usual activities will be held back, resulting in lack of independence and loss of confidence.

You are highly favored for having a pair of feet, so while you can, pay extra attention to them by starting on these helpful tips. You don’t have to be of old age or experiencing foot condition to pay attention to your foot health. Any time, even if you think you are in good condition, is the best time to begin investing on your feet now.

Visit A Podiatrist Regularly

Top Tips For Keeping Your Feet Healthy
A podiatrist is a healthcare professional that can help you prevent and treat common and uncommon foot and lower limbs conditions. Just as how you get regular check-ups with a doctor, so is the same with a podiatrist. This way, you can know the current status of your foot health. They may be in a condition where you think is good, but in the eyes of a professional, a problem might already be occurring.

A podiatrist can tell you if your feet and body are aligned, if your feet structure supports your weight, and if your walking gait is good. If otherwise is true, it may lead to further difficulty and pain.

Early recognition of such problems will do you good since you can easily control the situation, and your doctor can help you with the treatment. Moreover, they can give you better options on how you can take care of your feet. Consult a podiatrist as soon as possible especially when you feel discomfort, throbbing pain, recurring aches, and foot ailments.

Stretch Your Feet

Stretch Your Feet
Your feet work hard every day. We all know that doing warm-ups is essential before a workout, and stretching is necessary before doing a strenuous activity. You should also treat your feet the same way. Make sure to stretch out your muscles before walking 10,000 steps for the day.

By doing this, you are keeping your feet healthy, preventing strain and injuries. Foot stretching can also help you relieve foot pain and stiffness. For any part of your body, stretching and exercising is an effective method in maintaining good health.

Wear Orthopedic Shoes

Wear Orthopedic Shoes
Orthopedic shoes are the best invention in keeping your feet healthy. These are not just for people experiencing foot conditions and need more support, but for anyone who wants to take proper care of their foot health.

Orthopedic shoes are the most comfortable footwear that you could ever wear. One vital feature of orthopedic shoes is that they hug every angle and sides of your feet, especially your soles. A comfortable pair of shoes can take you to places. Almost all orthopedic shoes provide arch support for stability, and cushioning for comfort.

If you have gone to a podiatrist, your doctor may have recommended orthopedic shoes that suit best for your condition. If not, here are a range of the top orthopedic shoe brands available in the market.


Vionic is one of the most supportive shoes due to its three-zone comfort with ultimate support that promotes stability. Footwear with arch support is best for relieving foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Vionic also creates its products using high-quality, breathable materials to provide additional comfort throughout the day. They offer versatile footwear from slippers and sandals to working shoes, running shoes, and boots that keep up with the trend and season.


Aetrex promotes proper alignment of the foot and ankles, and pain relief, through their arch support technology. Every Aetrex footwear comes with a memory footbed that provides supreme comfort and cushioning. The added padded heels and microfiber lining adds more features to this benefit. Aetrex sells orthopedic footwear for men and women in different styles and colors.


Drew provides orthopedic shoes, shoes designed for certain foot conditions like diabetes, and other medical shoes. Two things exist in their selection of footwear. The first is the removable orthotics, and the second is a roomy toe box. Some of their shoes also have arch and heel support, cushioned collar, and an extended medial thermoplastic counter that provides stability, comfort, and slip-resistance. You can purchase casual, dress, work, and athletic footwear at Drew.

Finn Comfort

Finn Comfort
Finn Comfort is a German brand that makes use of carefully chosen materials. They are known for their anatomically shaped, removable super comfort footbed that enhances heel-to-toe walking motion, making walking enjoyable and pain-free. Their padded uppers, breathable lining, and ventilation linings all contribute to the breathability of their footwear, making them pleasant to wear.


OluKai creates durable footwear for different lifestyles, especially the ocean lifestyle. They are known for their flip-flops, but they also design casual shoes, from water-friendly sandals to beach shoes to upcountry boots. OluKai delivers you perfect balance on their contoured footbed for the heel, arch, and toe, leaving you the feeling of bare feet in wet sand.


Propet is the leading brand for orthopedic walking shoes. They are affordable and yet high-quality and comfortable. If you are looking for budget-friendly orthopedic shoes, you might want to check out Propet. Their shoes are available in various sizes and widths, ensuring that the shoe fits perfectly on you. They are also lightweight and slip-resistant that don’t need a break-in period.


Xelero has designed its technology that provides stability and cushioning for dynamic forward movements and Eva midsole for heel-to-toe transition. Their technology helps in impact absorption to lessen the pressure on your ankles and knees and prevent your feet from strain. Xelero is best known for their walking and running shoes. You can also customize the fit of your chosen Xelero shoes if you have foot ailments, inserts, or orthotics.

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