Most of us have probably suffered from foot pain at some point in our lives, most especially as we grow older. One of the most used and complex parts of our body is our feet. Because of this, it is very important to protect them all the time and as much as possible avoid any foot problems.

One of the largest causes of foot problems in the UK is footwear, says The College of Podiatry. Yet, most of us are still buying shoes that are too small, while others still go for footwear that is very large.

Here, we have taken the time to research what common foot complaints can be prevented by a pair of good shoes. At the same time, we will also let you know how you can alleviate foot pain simply by changing to certain types of shoes.

Facts About Our Feet

Do you know that each foot consists of 26 bones and 33 joints? It also has more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments. At least 25% of our bones can be found in our feet. Most people will walk 110,000 miles in their lifetimes. Our feet are comprised of 25,000 sweat glands.

What Are the Main Parts of The Foot?

Our feet are composed of three main parts. These are the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot. The forefoot includes the toes or phalanges, as well as its five connective longer bones, also known as the metatarsals. The midfoot is where the arches of your feet are located. This includes the cuboid bone, the navicular bone, and finally the three cuneiform bones. The hindfoot is composed of the ankle and heel. The ankle, which is also referred to as the talus bone, is responsible for supporting the bones in your legs and heel. The heel, which is also known as calcaneus is the largest of all the bones in your feet.

Why Do Foot Problems Bring a Lot of Pain?

Nowadays, more people are choosing fashionable shoes that do not fit properly rather than wearing stylish shoes that have the proper shape and size that fits perfectly and comfortably.

A regular walk each day can already put 100,000 tonnes of pressure on one’s feet. Our feet are responsible for supporting our whole body. If you don’t have any problems with your feet, then your issues can likely be found on your back, legs, or elsewhere.

Once you start having problems with your feet, you will have to get medical help or worse, you may have to get surgery to deal with it. Because of how easily it can escalate, you should work on preventing this before it gets too far.

Good shoes can help us in walking on various terrains, protect our feet from injury, and make us feel comfortable even if we are standing for long periods of time. However, not all shoes can do this. If you end up choosing the wrong pair of shoes, then you will end up dealing with foot problems.

Rigid Orthotics

What Are Some Common Foot Problems?

Rigid Orthotics

This type of foot problem can damage the joint cartilage, causing it to become stiff without feeling any motion and pain.

Sometimes this can be genetic or because of trauma. However, it is also caused by unsupportive footwear from overusing your big toe for movement, propulsion, and stability.

The best solution is to use lightweight shoes in order to reduce fatigue and strain on your toes. Ensure that they have rigid soles that can help in preventing your big toe from constantly bending and twisting.


These are the ugly, bony bumps that are usually found at the bottom of your big toe.

Most often this occurs when the big toe is forced to go out of place because of unnatural pressure from the footwear.

In order to cure this, you have to opt for a pair of shoes that have been sized properly and choose a pair with square or rounded toe boxes. This can help in separating your digits and making them align naturally.

Athlete’s Foot

This is an unsightly and itchy fungal infection on your feet.

Sometimes you can obtain this disease from wearing hot and sweaty shoes or when you are sharing socks or towels. This can also occur if you do not keep your feet clean and dry.

Athlete’s foot develops in warm, damp areas. To counter this, the best solution is to wear shoes that are made from a porous material since this can permit your feet to breathe and reduce feet sweat.

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