Everything You Need To Know About Diabetic Shoes

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Diabetic footwear is specially designed for individuals who suffer from diabetes. Individuals who suffer from diabetes know that it can affect different parts of the body especially the lower extremities or the feet.

People with diabetes usually face foot conditions caused by poor blood circulation; their feet can suffer from skin breakdown. Diabetic shoes are different from regular shoes that can be found in the market. In this article, we will be sharing everything you need to know about diabetic shoes. Keep reading below to find out more information.

What is a Diabetic Shoe?

Diabetic shoes are specially designed shoes that help protect a person’s foot and prevent the risk of skin breakdown, which is quite common for individuals who suffer from diabetes. Diabetic footwear must be uniquely designed so that it can help deal with common foot issues like sores and deformities. Here are some of the qualities and features that quality diabetic footwear must have:
Everything You Need To Know About Diabetic Shoes
1. Protective interior – A diabetic shoe must be made with soft material, and the stitching must be carefully done so that it does not protrude and cause skin irritation on the feet.

2. Lightweight and cushioned soles – Diabetic footwear must have lightweight and cushioned soles with an ergonomic design so that it can prevent irritation on the foot. It can also help with the stability and mobility of the individual.

3. Wider width – Diabetic shoes must have a wider width and should not be constricting when worn. Diabetic shoes are available in different types of widths – Medium, Wide, and Extra Wide, and can be chosen according to the person’s preferences, which can help protect the feet from skin irritation.

4. Orthotic insoles – Diabetic footwear must have proper arch support so that it will help lessen the pressure on the bottom of the foot and provide good cushioning.

5. Deep toe box – A diabetic shoe must have a deep toe box to provide extra space for the toes to easily move. This will help prevent pressure and avoid constricting the toes.

6. Non-binding uppers – A diabetic shoe can help ensure that there is no pressure on the foot. Regular shoes can often apply pressure on the areas like the forefront or back of the shoe as they are usually made from rigid materials and can often cause skin irritation on the foot, toes, or back of the heel.

7. Stretchable uppers – Diabetic shoes must have stretchable uppers, which can be a great solution for individuals who suffer from neuropathy or severe diabetes. A shoe with stretchable uppers can conform to the contours of an individual’s foot and will help prevent pressure or stress on the foot.

8. Extra-depth – A diabetic shoe must have a loose fit so it will not cause any pressure on the foot and cause skin irritation. If a shoe has extra space, it can be easy to insert a diabetic insole or custom orthotics that can help prevent skin irritation and relieve pressure on the foot.

What Are the Benefits of Using Diabetic Footwear?

What Are the Benefits of Using Diabetic Footwear?

1. Blood circulation – People with diabetes know that blood circulation can be affected by the increased levels of glucose in the blood, which makes the blood thicker. One of the issues that diabetics experience is that their lower extremities, especially the feet can be affected.

They are prone to have skin irritation and deformities. In some cases, individuals with diabetes can have diminished senses on their feet because of poor blood circulation. Wearing regular shoes can affect blood flow and even cause more damage.

Diabetics who have poor blood circulation are often prone to skin irritation, sores, and minor injuries on their feet. Diabetic shoes are recommended because they are comfortable to wear and have a wider width which prevents pressure on their feet.

2. Nerves – The foot has a lot of nerves and can be easily affected because of poor blood flow. If a diabetic is not able to wear the proper footwear, their feet can suffer from nerve damage which is also known as Diabetic Neuropathy. When this occurs, numbness of the feet can occur and can result in more serious issues like severe infections. In addition to this, because of the swelling and poor blood flow, this may also lead to amputation.

3. Joints – The body has tissues and tendons that keep the joints in the correct position. The tissues in between the joints prevent the bones from grinding together every time a person moves. The joints on the feet need protection against injury.

If a diabetic wears regular footwear, their joints are prone to injury since their feet can easily become swollen because of the poor blood circulation. Diabetic shoes are also effective in alleviating pain that can occur when the weight of the person is evenly distributed.

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