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Fritzy Feet

We opened our doors in 2004 and established ourselves as one of Lowry’s first retail locations after it was decommissioned as an air force base. We initially were called “Foot Solutions” and pioneered our way into the orthopedic realm of footwear, providing orthotics and stable shoes for people with problem feet. We’re one of the few shoe stores that have multiple Certified Pedorthists on staff to assist with tough to fit feet. But as you can imagine, our focus on difficult feet limited our appeal since it didn’t allow us to carry many cute, stylish, and fashionable lines of shoes that people really want to wear. So, we decided to drop the Foot Solutions label in 2011 and came up with the name Fritzy Feet, which allows us to carry a wider variation of footwear and retail options.

Now, as an independent shoe store, we can work closely with our customers to find the best fit, color, style, and functional footwear for their feet. In addition, we custom make orthotics to fit the shoes they want to wear. No longer do you need to wear those hard, bulky, orthotics that don’t fit well into your shoes. Come see us for a better option.

Fritzy Feet Store

Do you have foot discomfort, back pain, hip pain or knee pain? Are you uncomfortable walking or running? Let us help you with a free analysis and foot assessment. We are dedicated to finding solutions for our customers that will give them relief from pain and discomfort.
Our staff is friendly and trained in knowing the multitude of foot issues that can lead to discomfort. We know that our bodies are meant to be in balance. But sometimes this is not the case.

Our goal at Fritzy Feet is to get your feet, knees, hips and ankles balanced with the help of comfortable healthy shoes and orthotics. When one side of your body is not in balance with the other, the healthy side will try and compensate which in many cases can lead to more pain and discomfort.

We have answers to some of your pain problems. Stop in today and talk with one of our trained staff. We want to do everything we can to help alleviate or minimize your discomfort.

Let Fritzy Feet improve your lifestyle with stylish pain free footwear!

Thanks Denver!

Thanks for all the memories, as of September 2022, Becks Shoes will now be your home for comfortable footwear. 

If you need to reach me for questions or concerns, I can still be reached at my email:  denver@fritzyfeet.com